Picture Perfect! 2018 Battle of Malta Begins in Style

We expected big things for the start of the 2018 Battle of Malta, and we were not disappointed.

Moving to the spacious InterContinental Hotel and Casino Malta for the first-time this year, the Eden Arena was decked out in its Sunday best to greet the players on Day 1a today.

Not only was there plenty of elbow room (and registration points) for everyone to breathe easy, the room was awash in red and blue balloons.

They weren’t there just to help set the festive mood – they were actually used to highlight the table numbers!

And that was only the beginning.

Laura Cornelius, Live Stream Ease BoM Into Action

New host Laura Cornelius was on hand to kick off the shuffle up and deal and when the chips settled into play we found some familiar faces around the tables.

BoM2018 3

Ana Marquez is here!

Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, Espen Uhlen Jorstad, Poker Mama Jackie Cachia and two-time final-tablist Jonas Hähnert were all here.

So were former Premier League footballer Anthony Gardner, WSOP November Niner Fernando Pons and Austrian chess wiz Ivo Donev.

Did we mention former Battle of Malta Main Event champion Nicolas Proust?

By the end of the day 451 entries had made it into the prize pool to make it the biggest Day 1A since the BoM moved to more than two Day 1 flights in 2015. For reference, last year’s Day 1a had 320 entries.

Play ran through 16 levels and ended the night in the money with 68 players left. Those players have all been paid out €500 but they can also choose to forfeit their stack and come back again tomorrow.

Any difference in prize money will be paid out when we starting busting people on Day 2.

Koops There It Is!

The chip leader for Day 1A is Alexander Koops with 497,000. Here are the top 10 counts:

1. Alexander Koops 497,000
2. Luigi D’alterio 461,000
3. Fabrizio Privitera 454,000
4. Stanislav Zegal 434,000
5. Nir Amar 362,000
6. Per Steinar Sele 339,000
7. Stefano Terziani 330,000
8. Shlomo Yaakov Ben 313,000
9. Fredrik Karl Ellingsson 310,000
10. Pierre-Yves Joubert 306,000

Live coverage continues every day on PokerListings.com and the live stream runs everyday on the Battle of Malta Facebook page.

Check in on our Italian language updates right here. Watch our recap video for the Day and enjoy some pictures below!

BoM2018 13

BoM2018 10

BoM2018 11

BoM2018 6


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